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I have to go to the dentist today,
Every year those dentists make me pay,
Sit in the big chair, hands everywhere,
In your mouth, feeling your teeth.
Looking for specks of what you eat,

Gurgles and vacuums and buzzing and scraping,
“Have you been flossing and brushing twice daily?”
“Well, umm no, not quite, a little, not really,”
They shake their heads with a look of disgust,
“Oh please not the drill, I was promised no drilling!”

They poke and they prod a little bit more,
Does this hurt here? Or this or over there?
“Well you look clean this time, you were lucky.”
I hop out of the chair, smile fresh and new,
My new floss and new brush are pocketed quickly,

I jump in the car, rev it for good measure,
As I merge and rocket out of view,

I think,
Maybe I should start flossing every day?

The week before I go to the dentist is good…

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