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Sonja and I watched a movie last week, recommended by my sister, called The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat).

I knew nothing about the movie as we were settling in to watch, but it turned out to be one of those movies you’ll want to learn everything about:

Igloolik is a community of 1200 people located on a small island in the north Baffin region of the Canadian Arctic with archeological evidence of 4000 years of continuous habitation. Throughout these millennia, with no written language, untold numbers of nomadic Inuit renewed their culture and traditional knowledge for every generation entirely through storytelling.

Our film Atanarjuat is part of this continuous stream of oral history carried forward into the new millennium through a marriage of Inuit storytelling skills and new technology.

The movie tells the story of an Inuit legend. It written and directed by Inuit people, and all the actors were Inuit. Obviously they aren’t speaking english, but luckily there are subtitles.

I think that’s all I’m going to say. Oh, and I’m such a geek, that about 30 seconds into it, I proclaimed.. “This was shot digitally!” I received the quizzical look from Sonja, but my internet research later proved me correct. The digital ‘film’ works wonderfully in this case and gives a feel of being right there, seeing it all happen in front of you.

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