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Bathroom Songs

At my place of employment, we are blessed with the sonic goodness that is Muzak. The sounds of corporate wonderland drift like newfallen snow onto the busy worker’s ears. Actually, I have the nearby speaker turned off, since I usually listen to my iPod while toiling away at the keyboard.

When I venture from the warm confines of my desk and chair, however, I am bathed in sugary sweet and un-offensive sounds. One of these ventures is to the bathroom.

I haven’t decided if I’m just really, really regular, or if there is some sort of cosmic Muzak force spinning tunes for me, but whenever I sit down in the bathroom, it seems that the same song is playing.

A few months ago it was Enya with her smash hit Only Time. For the past few days it’s been Seal’s chart topper Don’t Cry. I don’t hear these songs once or twice mind you, I hear them for like 2 weeks straight, every time I go to the bathroom.

I will have to begin charting my breaks, because I’m getting a little freaked. It’s been like 7 or 8 times in a row I’ve heard Don’t Cry while doing my duty.

As soon as I have some definitive results, I’ll post them here for my faithful readers.

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