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More on AppleMusic

I’ve downloaded and given iTunes 4 a bit of a test. So far it looks pretty nice. The integration of the music store is pretty awesome, and the interface seems to be slightly refined. I haven’t had a chance to play with any of the sharing features yet, but we’ll give that a shot in a few days.

The Apple Music Store looks pretty good as well. The interface is dead easy. It will basically come down to whether or not people think $0.99 is the right price for a single. The downloads are fast, and they have a fairly vast catalog. It’s already been fun to browse around and listen to some samples.

I’ve been telling a few friends to hold off on their impending iPod purchase, and I’m glad they waited. The new revision looks very nice. I like the dock a lot, and i think the new user interface looks pretty nice as well.

Tomorrow I’m sure there will be tons of news and commentary on the whole situation, I’ll try and post a few interesting articles if I come across anything