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Exciting Offseason for the Twins

The Twins are facing some interesting decisions this offseason. If I were the GM, here’s what I’d do:

Sign Hawkins for 3 years, Stewart for 2, and Guardado for 2 years.
Trade Jacque Jones for some middle infield prospects
Let Rick Reed, The Gambler (Kenny Rogers), and Chris Gomez go.

Here’s what our roster would look like next year:
C – A.J. Perzynski
1B – Dougie
2B – Rivas
SS – Guzman
3B – Koskie
LF – Shannon Stewart
CF – Hunter
RF – Cuddyer / Lew Ford / Restovich / Other Unnamed OF

And a pitching rotation of, Santana, Lohse, Milton, Radke, ???

Who knows? It’s going to be crazy. I hope we can get Hawk back though. He’s our best reliever by a long shot.

Roster change is in the air

The Starting Staff

It’s going to be a fun offseason at least! Go Cubs!

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