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Voting in the 21st Century

I’ve just found this excellent article entitled,All The President’s Votes? over at The Independent.

Any American not living in a cave knows about the Florida debacle in our last Presidential election, and the subsequent push towards modern voting systems. Many states have rushed to implement touch-screeen systems, and there is a large amount of federal money available to help with that transition.

All of this is being done however, without any sort of accountability or investigation into the security of these machines and this new process.

Our democracy depends on verifiable elections, and when that goes, so goes our country.

This article is absolutely chilling. Even leaving out the conspiracy theories you’re left with an exremely scary scenario that any lover of democracy will want to see rectified. And if you are into conspriacies, here’s some fuel to the fire.

In many Georgia counties last November, the machines froze up, causing long delays as technicians tried to reboot them. In heavily Democratic Fulton County, in downtown Atlanta, 67 memory cards from the voting machines went missing, delaying certification of the results there for 10 days. In neighbouring DeKalb County, 10 memory cards were unaccounted for; they were later recovered from terminals that had supposedly broken down and been taken out of service.

I suggest that anyone who reads my site, read this article.

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