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Replace Andrew Jackson with Martin Luther King Jr.

It would be awesome if this gained some traction. As they explain on the site, President Jackson isn’t necessarily the best choice for one of our bills: Put Martin Luther King, Jr. on the Twenty-Dollar Bill

We created this web site to start a movement for putting Martin Luther King Jr. on the twenty-dollar bill. King symbolizes the triumph of love over hatred, of nonviolence over violence, and of community values over money values.

No American is more qualified than King to replace Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill. Jackson’s presidential legacy is marked by the barbaric Indian Removal Act which evicted at least 47,000 Creek, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Cherokee and Seminole Indians from their homes so their land could be turned into cotton-growing slave plantations. The Indian Removal Act led directly to the infamous Trail of Tears, where four thousand Cherokee men, women and children died in a forced march west.

There is a petition that you can sign.

Do online petitions ever work? Can anyone think of an example?

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