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State of the Union

(This post is reverse chronological, start at the bottom)

C-Span is the coolest thing in the world… after Tivo and the iPod.

“When our strength abroad is respected, not resented. . . ” only then will our union be strong

The finishing statements of daschle’s speech were very strong. That is the kind of vision and hope that I have for our country.

Daschle is a much smoother speaker…

The democrats are on. Obviously the democrats have a tough road. It’s all about framing the issue. Hopefully they can do it. Nancy is on right now, and I think she is doing a good job of hitting some of the main points of contention, while not seeming soft on terrorism.

Bush just said that the nation has to defend the sanctity of marriage. Marriage is a religious institution, and as the constitution creates a seperation between church and state, I wish bush would stop spending our tax dollars promoting marriage

If America’s health care is the best in the world, why do 43 million people in this country not have it?

I think he just said that he was going to cut the deficit in half in 5 years. I would love to see that happen as they continue to hand out reckless tax cuts.

Why are we holding entire schools back when we could simply hold the kids who fail back?

“No one can now doubt the word of America.” hmm, really? cause you stood there last year and lied to all of us to get into Iraq in the first place

bush agains tries to connect wmd with iraq “We are confronting regimes that support terrorists, and could supply them with chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons”

Favorite moment so far… “Key provisions of the patriot act are set to expire next year” (applause heard, softly but bravely throughout the chamber, as Cheney laughs and Ashcroft smirks)

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