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The Daily Show

Did anybody watch The Daily Show last night? It was one of the funniest ones I’ve ever seen. They did some compare and contrast between this year’s and last year’s State of the Union address.

Even though they bag on Dean too much in my opinion, they make fun of everyone else as well so it’s cool.

As their guest they had John McCain on, who was being very funny and quite sarcastic about President Bush’s “Tax Cut and Spend” proposals. Do you know what would be amazing. Dean gets nominated and he picks McCain as his running mate. Think about it… McCain is a fiscal conservative, in favor of balanced budgets, in favor of campaign finance reform. I think they would get along great. He would rally some of the Republican fiscal conservatives that Bush has been pissing off throughout his term, and also provide Dean with some credibility and experience with how to deal with Congress.

What’s not to like? Oh yeah, one’s republican and the other democrat… but wouldn’t that show people that they really are uniters and not dividers?

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