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Sorry, Mr. Ballmer

I need to take a quick moment to apologize to Steve Ballmer (I’m being serious here). I was wrong. When I saw you acting all crazy and skipping around the stage in the movie I posted a few days ago, I had a quick laugh at your expense.

But as I was reading a post from Dave Winer at Scripting News, I did a double take and realized I was being hypocritical. The Famous Dean Rant

Some have compared the Dean speech to a similar rant by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that made the rounds of the Net.

It quickly hit me… Just as Ballmer was fired up about his company, so was Dean fired up by all of his supporters. I guess cause it was Microsoft I had a hard time seeing through that… just as casual observers who hear the soundbite or see the clip of Dean might think, this guy is crazy!

But what it really shows, if you think about it, is that Dean has a true passion for what he believes in. Something that I believe about myself is that when I have a true passion for something, I would give anything for it. That’s what Steve Ballmer was doing. And that’s what Dean was doing.

I would any day of the week take the president who is passionate in what he belives over the president who will say anything and do anything his advisors tell him to do.

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