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Politics As Usual

Last night on NPR I heard the CEO of the DLC being interviewed. They’re ready to crown John Kerry as the nominee. After one caucus and one primary. From two of the smallest, most undiverse states in the nation.

He threw in some hypocrisy about how a month ago some people were ready to say the race was over and Dean would be the nominee. And that people are choosing experience over “anger”.

What a bunch of crap. So now that “the people” have spoken? I don’t think you can call Iowa and New Hampshire “the people” of America (no offense to my Iowa and NH friends, but seriously.)

And why is it that they are using the same spin (“he’s so angry!”) from the republicans against one of their own candidates?

It’s insanity… other quotes from this supposed leader of the DLC. “I just can’t understand why Joe Lieberman hasn’t caught on..” “Wesley Clark’s support is just starting to build…” and other assorted crap. It’s pretty obvious who the party insiders would like to see do well.

So even though I will be voting for whoever they nominate… do you want politics as usual? Special interests and inside politicians? Or someone who can say, “Just because this is how you’ve always done it, doesn’t mean it is right.”

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