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Well, I’m not even sure how you spell the word “caucusing” at this point, but I went to my polling location tonight and participated in the caucus.

It was actually kinda fun. There were about 25 people from our precinct there, and according to the single guy who had said that he had some caucus experience, it was quite a bit bigger than the 2000 turnout.

I ended up putting forth a resolution that any electronic voting machines include a voter verifiable paper trail, and it passed unanimously. It was fun to bring that up, there was a lot of discussion, and a lot of people had not heard of the issue before.

We had 17 delegates available to the county convention, but only 12 were filled by volunteers. I volunteered for that, so I will be going to the county convention March 27.

So who did I end up voting for? I am a dean supporter, and was really motivated to get involved in politics this year by Gov. Dean and his campaign. But in the end, I voted for Kucinich. Although I will support Kerry, as it looks he is the nominee, I feel that Kucinich’s platform is worth pushing forward to the national convention so that his ideas are heard.

ABB in November

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