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Killing me Softly with Chipotle

Well, back a couple months ago, I was happily blogging away about the new chipotle that had opened. The week prior to the official opening, they had been giving away free burritos while training in their staff.

One day in particular, I went there for both lunch and dinner for free burritos!

Well, I’ve also been reading
Fast Food Nation
for the past couple weeks and I’ve been to say the least “moved” by it.

So anyways, we were out to dinner at Punch Pizza, and
Fast Food Nation
came up… and Jamie says, “yeah there is a Chipotle Nutrtion Calculator that you can use to calculate your burrito.

Well, curiosity killed the cat. That day I had the two burritos, I consumed an enormous amount of food:

  • 2,826 Calories
  • 100g of Fat
  • 148mg of Cholesterol
  • 7742mg of Sodium


So I’ll be cutting back on the Chipotle. Actually I haven’t been there for 2 weeks. But it’s calling, it’s calling.

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