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John Ashcroft’s Smear

In an editorial appropriately titled, Mr. Ashcroft’s Smear, the washington post tears into John Ashcroft’s testimony in front of the 9/11 commission.

Mr. Ashcroft’s allegations, which triggered criticism and demands for her resignation from prominent Republicans, are grossly unfair.

If you didn’t catch this the other day, or maybe you heard Rush Limbaugh accusing Jamie Gorelick of being a flower child of the 60’s, and inventing the term “pig” for a cop. (I heard it with my own ears). Sorry Rush, but you have your facts completely wrong. Not everyone that was alive in the 60’s was a long haired hippie.

In fact, Ms. Gorelick was an advocate of increased collaboration between spies and cops, not greater separation. She pushed to give the court power to authorize physical searches as well as electronic monitoring, and surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act more than doubled during the Clinton administration. The department was criticized by civil libertarians and others on the left and right alike — us included — for the changes that she advanced.

(emphasis mine)

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