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The 700 Club

Last night, as I was getting ready for bed, I turned to my wife and said,

“Honey, I think I need to take one my spare fuel containers and get some diesel for my trip down to Rochester tomorrow, just in case.”

With an amused look, she replied, “What on earth would you need that for? Can’t you just fill up in the morning?”

“Yes, but, see, I’m almost to 700 miles on my tank, but I’m not sure if I’ll make it all the way down there without running out, so I want to have some backup. But I have to try for 700, I’M SO CLOSE!”

She just shook her head, and told me to come to bed. I went to sleep deciding that during the drive down, I would decide whether to go for it or now when I was getting close to the Conoco near the Koch refinery. (Where I normally fill up, if possible)

This morning, as I was drawing near to the point of no return, the mental math was running rampant. “Okay, well, if the light isn’t on yet, I should have at least 60 Miles left on this tank, but it’s about 66 miles from here, so I may run out….”

But as I approached the turn, I could see the light was green, so I just kept on going….

About 15 Miles from Rochester, the light turns on…:

The Light is On!

Almost there….

Almost there!



The Final tally, 701.1 Miles

Final tally, 701.1 Miles

I filled up with the Koch Gold in Rochester, 14.46 Gallons, which makes my fuel Mileage 48.5mpg for that tank. Not too bad!

Okay, so yes, I am a super geek. Nothing I can do about that!

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