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Dinner on the Road

In Wisconsin there are many fine eating establishments. You’ve got your Norske Nook in Osseo. There’s Bosacki’s up in Minocqua. And who could forget the (now closed) Chalet, also in Minocqua?

On trips of a repetitive nature, I often pick out a restaurant or two that I would like to stop at some day for a bite to eat. It’s a fantasy really, when am I ever going to stop at El Amigo in Castle Rock, CO or The Black Steer (casual upscale dining) outside of Coates, MN. (Or the House of Coates for that matter). It would be like the Red Sox and the Cubs in the World Series. It can’t happen. Got to get to where I am going!

But I can look. And dream. My current dream involves this place:

The Thorpedo Restaurant
The Thorpedo

The Thorpedo Restaurant is surely one of Thorp’s finest. I have wanted to stop there many times as I fill up at the Amoco across the street (they have Premier Diesel).

This time through the town, we came close to eating at the Thorpedo. I asked the young lady at Subway what she thought of her hometown restaurant, and she replied simply, “It’s not too bad”

“Do they have a sandwich named “The Thorpedo” or something similar?”

“Yeah, yeah, I think so.”

A ringing endorsement.

Well, maybe next time through I will stop at The Thorpedo in Thorp for a Thorpedo Sandwich. I’ll see what all the hype is about.

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