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Light Rail Parking

Seems as though some residents of Minneapolis are having issues with people parking in front of their houses and getting on the light rail.

Two statements really stuck out.

Rozga laughs at the incident now but was frustrated that residents couldn’t just leave a polite note. “In the city, people park on the street,” she said. “It happens.”

Yeah, not sure if any of the residents on these blocks have been to Chicago, but I considered myself lucky to find a spot within a 3 block radius of friends’ apartments when I would visit. If they really want to have permits, I think the residents should pay for them, and the fees should go towards paying for more parking for commuters. $50 or $100 for 6 months.

Kelly LaDue was the kind of light-rail user folks were supposed to be: a nearby resident who took the bus to the train station. That was until she got tired of waiting. Her 5-minute morning bus ride grew as long as 30 minutes come evening.

So last week LaDue, who lives about five blocks from the 46th Street station, began parking her car on 36th Avenue S., too. “I know it’s not right,” she said. “I just feel bad for them [the residents]. It’s bad for everyone, really. It’s a bad situation that needs some quick remedies.”

(emphasis mine)

Quick remedy for you, Ms. LaDue, walk. It’s five blocks.

update, whoops forgot to post the link, Neighbors seethe over light-rail parkers

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