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Labor Day

We’re back from a quick weekend in Colorado for a wedding, and the weather is beautiful today. A nice 50-70 swing in temperature today.

We bought some new running shoes yesterday, so I may make my inaugural run in comfortable shoes tonight, although I have to go to the Metropolitan Airports Commision (MAC) meeting this evening.

MAC promised that in exchange for not moving and then expanding the airport at it’s current location, they would provide window and insulation upgrades for all houses within a “Noise Contour”, an area where the average decibel level was measured to exceed a certain level.

Our house is across the street from the end of phase 1, and would be amongst the first to receive the upgrades when phase 2 started, which was scheduled to start soon. However, now they are going back on that promise, and offering to share the cost of central air (which we already have).

Why central air? The theory being that you can leave your (old, decrepit) windows closed in summer, and not be subject to extra plane noise.

So now I am going to the meeting to see what the deal is. After having just flown into Denver and then back here again, I know one thing. I wish they had decided to move the airport 10 years ago.

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