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From the introduction of President Bush at his rally in Rochester, MN yesterday:

Father we are glad for this opportunity today to hear our President, a man you have appointed to lead us as such a time as this.

– John C. Steer, Pastor at the First Baptist Church of Rochester

I find it hard to believe that God would appoint someone who would defy International Law, most of our allies, the UN and THE POPE to wage pre-emptive WAR against a nation that posed no threat to us. And deceive the American people and the world about the reasons for going there.

Quagmire is not to strong of a word to describe what is happening in Iraq.

Before I even care what John Kerry might do to fix the situation in Iraq, I’d like to hear Bush’s brilliant plan! Stay the course? But he’s strong and convicted! Isn’t he? Right.

The pace of attacks, death and destruction is quickening in Iraq. More Americans have been wounded in the past month than in any previous month.

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