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Fiscal (Ir)Responsibility

Why Democrats Should Be Thankful

The only solace for sullen Democrats is that now Republicans might have to clean up their own fiscal mess. The fiscal record of the past four years has been one of unmitigated—and seemingly intentional—irresponsibility. A Republican Congress working with a Republican president created the massive new Medicare prescription-drug entitlement, passed a new, subsidy-crammed farm bill, committed hundreds of billions of dollars to war efforts, and loaded up on pork-barrel spending. Meanwhile, taxes were reduced—on wage earners, investors, and companies. The end result: We collected about the same amount of taxes in fiscal 2004 as we did in fiscal 1999. But we spent 34 percent more.

A large amount of people in the country are currently believing (taking it on faith, I guess) that Bush has done or will do a good job with fiscal issues. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. It doesn’t bode well for the country when they believe they got a mandate (when did 51% become a mandate?), and will most likely govern with promises of “tax-relief”, while at the same time spending even more.

Apparently through a lifetime of privelege and irresponsibility, no one ever taught these guys that when you charge stuff on the credit card, you generally are expected to pay it back.

But in this case, paying it back means taxing your unborn children and grandchildren to death.

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