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Catastrophic Global Cooling

It’s november now and it’s way too warm. Where is the snow?

I know that hydrogen fuel cell cars are supposed to be the future, but what of all that water vapor? Yes, the evils of water vapor haven’t really been explored yet. I mean seriously, one of the claims of these new fandangled hydrogen cars is that you can collect the emissions from the tailpipe into a drinking container, and drink it! Amazing!

Now imagine there are millions of cars, spewing water vapor into the atmosphere… am I the only one who has thought of this? Increased clouds, blocking out the sun, more precipitation, further cooling the earth. We could have catastrophic global cooling! An instant ice age! The new snow tires I’m about to purchase might actually be used in the snow!

Maybe we won’t have to move to canada to get some snow after all! Bring on the hydrogen revolution!

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