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Radio Revival

VW Headunit

The past few weeks, as I’ve been making my morning and evening commutes, I’ve been listening to the radio more than usual. FM Style. I have an iPod with thousands of songs on it, but for this short 15 minute trip, I’m letting the DJs be my guide. We’re really blessed in Minneapolis at the moment because we have a number of excellent public radio stations across the FM dial.

I thought it would be fun to walk you across my presets. I have six of them, as you can see to the left in the photo. Since I am somewhat a geek, there would really be no other way for me to order them other than numerically sorted left to right.

Preset number 1: 89.3 The Current. This is the new “indie” station from Minnesota Public Radio. Well, actually it’s not as new now, since they’ve just had their 1 year anniversary. Perhaps what I enjoy the most is hearing Mary Lucia on the radio again. She used to be on the REV 105 way back in the day… okay, 10 years ago, but that station was awesome, and I dare say that The Current is awesome as well.

Preset number 2: 89.9 KMOJ – The People’s Station. This is a public “adult urban contemporary” station, whatever the heck that means. Basically, hip hop. Although they do stray into a bit to much of the slow jams in the afternoon for my tastes… The morning shout-outs are always a good time. I wish they would play more local artists, but a lot of that is covered by other stations on the presets as well.

Preset number 3: 90.3 KFAI – Fresh Air Radio. Since there are 24 hours in a day, I would say you have about a 8/24 shot of flipping on this station and hearing languages other than english. As far as I can tell, their day is split into hour long blocks, box o’ chocolates style– you never know what you’re gonna get: Pakistani club music? Cambodian folk music? Joe from Fargo on the Banjo? Good times.

Preset Number 4: 91.1 KNOW – MPR… Minnesota Public Radio. This is fairly self explanatory, news, talk, etc.

Preset Number 5: 99.5 – KSJN – Classical…

Preset Number 6: 106.5 – Radio K – The real college radio. To be honest, they play a lot of obscure stuff that I don’t like, but on the way home last night, there was a four song set of some crazy local electronica and I was in heaven.

So… what’s on your radio?

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