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Broken Collarbone

So I was on my bike a week ago…

If you noticed the picture of my bike that is currently on the right, you may have also noticed that the fork is bent back at an unnatural angle. Let’s use that bent fork as a metaphor for my collarbone.

The doctor tells me it will be about six weeks until I’m able to get on a bike again. I’ve responded in the past week by sitting on the couch, playing video games, and ordering cable TV again. (Well, the World Cup is going on!)

On the plus side, maybe I’ll blog with a bit more regularity? I’m listening to the DFL convention on NPR at the moment, they’re trying to nominate a gubernatorial candidate. I hope they don’t pick Hatch. It seems at this moment that Becky Lourey may drop out, and a majority of her delegates will switch over to Steve Kelley… hopefully it will happen. (Suck it up DFL’ers! So what if he voted for the stadium? The stadium will help the city and state generate revenue in the long run, create a more vibrant downtown, create stronger draw for high end jobs (as opposed to the cold omaha situation), etc. etc. It’s about overall quality of life in conjunction with all the other stuff that care about)

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