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B100 Found!

I have been on the hunt for a fueling station in Minneapolis that sold B100 (100% BioDiesel) at the pump. I knew of a couple that sold B20, and one that would sell me B100 into seperate tanks. (This led to a minor disaster once) Until yesterday, I hadn’t found that elusive station though.

Yeti the dog, the smelly, smelly dog, needed a bath. I drove down lyndale ave. heading towards 66th street. On my right, something caught my eye… BioDiesel… must be just B5 or B20, I thought to myself. Well, let’s pop over and have a look, shall we?

As I made a slow loop around the pump, I noticed a sign, something, 100% BioDiesel? Can’t be…

I stopped exited the vehicle and inspected. Now I’m getting excited! I went inside and asked the gentleman behind the desk… “So, you guys have BioDiesel?”

“Yep, 100%”


They also had stickers, so I grabbed one of those, and wasted no time in sticking it to the hatch.

I recently filled up, so it will be awhile until my first tank of B100 goodness, but I’m waiting…

The station is a Pump and Munch just south of 62 on Lyndale Ave. Traveling either east or west on 62, exit lyndale and head south. If you are going north or south on 35W, enter the mixer with 62, and exit lyndale.

I also found out that this station receives its fuel from BioDiesel Blue, a local group distributing BioDiesel.

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