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Human Powered Lawn Mowing

I have come into the possession of a human powered lawn mower. By that I mean, one of the lawn mowers where there is no engine, just you, pushing.

I have wanted one for a while, and serendipitously, Josh had one at his house.

I took it home and fired it right up, so to speak. Oh man, it was hard work. For example, you’re cruising along, and a stick flies up and gets stuck. Well, this thing just stops and punches you in the gut with the handle. Mmm, fun.

After sweating it out for an hour, and then using my electric weed-wacker, the lawn is looking a bit more manicured. The grass is completely dead, but at least it is short-dead now.

I guess this is a good sacrifice to make though, if I’m trying to save the environment. I’ve read that a gas mower puts out more pollution in an hour than your car does in a week, could that be true?

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