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Happy New Year!

Resolution #1: Save Energy Wal-Mart has made it one of their goals, so should you!

As a way to cut energy use, it could not be simpler. Unscrew a light bulb that uses a lot of electricity and replace it with one that uses much less.

Power-Sipping Bulbs Get Backing From Wal-Mart This is an example where a company with government-like power throws its weight around and made a market-based decision to push an energy-saving, albeit consumer and producer unpopular, product. The "wal-mart" model will probably work here. But I’m still going to argue that we need to create a business environment to go green. There are producers of the bulbs in the article complaining that americans will lose jobs, etc. Well, create an incentive for those producers to switch to better technology! Keep the jobs here! It’s not like we’re uncapable of making CFLs. Too often companies will not choose the green route, but choose the entrenched route. Government has a role to play here, even though the market took care of it in this case. Wal-Mart made a decision that could be considered market-irrational, and not all companies have the strength to do that.

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