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Back in June of 2005 2006, I crashed on my bike and broke my collarbone. The typical course of action is to wear a couple slings, take it easy for a few months, and then you’re back in action, albeit with a slightly wonky collarbone.

For one reason or another, my collarbone didn’t quite heal up properly. So about the time I was supposed to be enjoying the normal activities of my year, I purchased (with my insurance company) a bone stimulator, just like Joe Mauer’s!

Unfortunately, the bone stimulator didn’t do the trick either, so on Tuesday morning, I had my first ever surgery to repair my broken collarbone.

I was pretty nervous going in to the surgery. I am probably with most people in saying that I don’t like needles, I don’t like to be poked with them, and if preferable, I’d like to avoid any pain, thank you.

Now it’s a couple days later, and I’m back off the bed, walking around the house, typing on the computer, and doing generally much better than the original breakage. However, my whole shoulder area is incredibly sore, I’ve been told due to the 4-5 inch incision created to place the plate and screws on my collarbone. Yikes! I still have a couple bandages there, so I haven’t gotten to see it all, but that thought makes me a bit queasy again. Luckily the anesthesia didn’t have any ill effects, and I was back on normal food later that evening. I do like my food.

At this point I have a couple doctors appointment’s lined up for a week and a month out, and hopefully in a few months I’ll be ready to play sports, hike, backpack, and do all the things I normally like to do.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about playing some World of Warcraft, anyone got any tips? 😉

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