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Trip Update

We’re now in Paris! The week in Spain flew by, with beautiful, sunny and hot days spent in Madrid and then on the southern coast. The internet connections were spotty, so no chances to upload any pictures last week (I’ll get to that in a second, check the flickr).

One of the highlights of the Spain adventure was a trip to an organic olive oil farm. The farm has been in existence for 100 years, passed from generation to generation. They have converted to a completely organic manufacturing process, use solar power for all their electricity, burn olive pits for heat, and use other bits as compost. Really cool! (I have a whole sequence of pics from there)

So now we’re in Paris for 6 days, then to Iceland and then home! The trip is coming to a close so fast its hard to believe, but we have a lot left to do. We’re off today to try and get a guided tour of the Louvre, which is staggeringly large, and perhaps we’ll see Notre Dame today as well.

I’ll try to get another update in before we get home. I’m going to upload a few pictures and then get off the computer!

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