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monocle is a relatively new magazine that my dad introduced to me about a year ago. for all the initial joking about their unique worldview (it’s not called monocle for nothing), which is kind of like me making fun of vw-driving, mac-using, npr-listening liberals, i really enjoy the writing, content and design of the whole endeavor. 

i haven’t been taking advantage of their web content, though, and i found an article by a former? editor/designer at the magazine, which discusses the design decisions made in the creation of the complementary web site: design notes

Thus we were doing the opposite of what most magazine-driven brands when they turn to the internet (often as an afterthought). The obvious choice is to plonk all the magazine editorial online, and augment with a few editors’ blogs and such-like. At first glance, we were effectively letting the print material reside where it is best experienced – in the tactile format of the magazine – and instead exploring new facets of the brand with a broadcast-led website. But wanting to have our cake and eat it, the magazine material is there too, just reformatted for the web and immersed in a new navigational framework, appropriate to its new context.

anyway, i suggest a look at the magazine if you happen to see it on the newsstand, especially if you are awaiting a four-hour flight to somewhere. it’s a pretty thick magazine.

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