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Golf 6

why is this car not going to be available in the US?

I think any automaker that says we can’t get to a 35mpg fleet average is crazy.

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  1. There are two caveats to this, first that 74 mpg is likely UK gallons, so 62 is what we’d expect on our US gallon. Secondly, VW’s previous claims of actual mileage on the previously launched Polo BlueMotion concept were wildly optimistic compared to realistic operating conditions.

    However all that said, there’s still no excuse that a 50 mpg VW couldn’t be sold in the US to help meet CAFE. Oh wait, didn’t they do that, as recently as, oh, I don’t know… 2003?

    I’m sure the half-baked Californians will make some illogical snit about it to prevent it from coming here.

  2. The newest TDIs are 50-state, and volkswagen just announced that they were bringing the TDI back to the Golf (Rabbit) for 2009.

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