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I’m starting to feel bad for her

I’m starting to think I should just link to youtube and ask you, my faithful readers, to search for ‘sarah palin’.

Let’s just say that the videos of Sarah Palin being incompetent are more numerous than those of her showing some shred of knowledge about any given subject.

I mean COME ON. You could’ve said you read the funny pages in the Anchorage Daily Herald and that Calvin and Hobbes was your world view and had more credibility than whatever that nonsense just was.



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  1. We’d be *lucky* if most people had a Calvin & Hobbes worldview! Dang. That’d be awesome. No, these people are definitely more the “Family Circus” types.

    Do you ever watch Keith Olbermann? He is awesome. He showed the Tina Fey thing side-by-side with the actual interview. I was freaking *stunned* that it was her actual words they were using. WILD STUFF!

    I guess I should be scared. I dunno. I guess I’ve just become really fatalistic. I’m not sure this country wants to be what *I* want it to be, y’know?

  2. Sneaking over from Matt’s site. Palin really is unbeleivable. You can see in Katie’s profile that she’s going, “GOOD CHRIST, is this woman THIS STUPID?” I mean, I read everything? I have foreign policy experience b/c I live next door to Russia and Canada? Gah!

  3. Eeesh.
    She scares me.

    Sarah the Brit10/1/2008 @ 8:04 pm

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