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the most revealing of McCain’s flip-flops was his promise, made at the beginning of the year, that he would “raise the level of political dialogue in America.” McCain pledged he would “treat my opponents with respect and demand that they treat me with respect.”

Oh yeah?

Just finished reading the revealing and disturbing Make-Believe Maverick.

I hope we can stop the charade that John McCain is somehow a straight-talkin maverick.

Something tells me we won’t be able to.

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  1. I had hoped you would blog about this. As annoying as it is that Barack is e-mailing me like NINE times a day lol (so sure its him). I love him.

    And I really really think McCain is pre-Alzheimers, because he forgot all those promises he made about not getting ugly.

    And speaking about ugly. How can such a physically beautiful woman such as Palin be so grotesquely ugly? She is mean, vindictive and I will say it. She is a ! I hate her. And the fact that she could actually be President scares the out of me.

    God bless Barack for (so far) not mentioning her husbands MEMBERSHIP and her association with a group that wanted Alaska to seceed from the nation. Country first my ass.

    Melissa10/6/2008 @ 7:35 pm
  2. Gross. You betcha.

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