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New Tires

I’m waiting at Dunn Brothers while my new tires get installed at the Southwest Firestone.

I purchased the Bridgestone Ecopia EP100s for my Golf… after not really too much research 🙂

They are a brand-new tire developed (marketed) as a “green” option for tires. Since the Golf gets very good mileage, I thought, why not try to maximize that a bit with tires?

Think of Ecopia as a bold step forward. It’s an environmentally conscious tire designed to improve rolling resistance, which will help passenger cars achieve better gas mileage — without sacrificing the smooth, quiet ride or reliable wet handling you’ve come to expect from Bridgestone tires.

(says the marketing materials)

Barry at Southwest Firestone says that it’s the first set of Ecopia’s they’ve sold, so I’ll take your thanks in advance on being a guinea pig for a brand-new tire.

I’ll have to report back on how they actually perform, but I’m excited to take a good road trip and see what happens. I’m switching from a fairly high-performance tire (more sticky, less mpg) to this tire, so my expections may be a bit too high in terms of the cornering performance, for example.

But, the first time I drive up to the cabin and get a 50+mpg tank, I’ll be pretty happy! 🙂

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