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being a good parent

In short: we are being brainwashed with fear and it makes us worry that everything we do as parents may be putting our kids in danger. That’s why we judge other parents so harshly, and why we keep our kids cloistered like Rapunzel. Don’t get me wrong. As founder of the Free-Range Kids movement—a group of people who believe in giving kids more freedom and responsibility—my philosophy is not to throw kids out of the car (sorely tempting though that may be at times). But Free-Range parents do believe that kids are more capable and competent than we give them credit for. And that, after teaching them basic safety, they need some freedom to develop as smart, happy, responsible humans. Not crazy freedom. Just the kind of freedom we had, back when parenting decisions were not the stuff of national news.

from: Time to Stop Judging Other Mothers and Ourselves by the author of Free Range Kids

As far as I’m concerned the only people who get to judge my parenting are my parents… and my kids, when they are 18.

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  1. Lindsay D. | 5/16/2009 at 11:52 pm | Permalink


    I live on a 12 home cul-de-sac in Victoria, MN- population 4,5000-ish, I hear.

    I have 3 boys. They LIVE to be outside. Our house is surrounded by woods, ponds, creeks, bike trails, parks, etc. We bought this house this past Feb. because of this. . .

    My 4 and 8 yr.old are big time bikers- the other night they asked if they could bike to ::the end of our street and back:: while I cooked dinner.

    “Absolutely”- I said. “It’ll take me 20 minutes to get the food on the table- go back and forth as much as you want- I’ll call you when dinner’s ready”

    The nexy day, I had 2 neighbor moms, at different times, ask me if I knew my boys were out biking “on their own” the previous evening. Their eyes and tone showed an incredible feeling of disapproval.

    Yes, I appreciate their “It takes a village approach” but seriously???

    Thanks for pointing me in Ms. Skenazy’s direction. . .

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