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I recently posted to my facebook status: “my real life is getting in the way of my digital one,” and that’s not such a bad thing. So much is new since I last posted. It may be the longest gap in blog posting since apple juice’s inception back in the early oughts. Let me bring you up to date on one area of my life.

One of the original themes of the blog was my car, a beloved 2003 Golf TDI. Dear friends, Bogey is no longer with us. Yes, sadly on the commute to work two weeks ago, I was in a car accident. Luckily, I am fine. Bogey didn’t fare so well. I rear-ended a pickup and his bumper became entangled with my engine. (No, I was not on my phone, fiddling with the radio, picking my nose, etc. I checked my blind spot to change lanes and when I looked back, traffic was coming to a complete and utter stop in front of me.)

The car was declared a total loss by my insurance. Thus, the search began. I’d love to have just walked into the VW dealer and bought a new 2010 Jetta Sportwagen TDI. They are looking quite nice. However, it is a bit more money than I had to spend.

After driving a few gasoline fulled 1.8T Jetta Wagons, I decided that I simply had to find a diesel. I find explaining diesel cars like explaining Macintosh computers to people in the late 90s. Until you drive one, you just won’t understand.

Nothing was showing up in Minnesota, so I widened the search. Other metro areas were canvassed, the eastern seaboard was searched (thanks, Jean!). I was ready to hop on a plane to Denver to investigate one potential vehicle when I found a 2005 Jetta Wagon TDI in neighboring Iowa.

I have the car back in Mpls now, and I’m hoping this one picks up where my Golf left off. It has a slightly more powerful 100HP engine (whoa, triple digits!), and I’m guessing slightly lower highway mileage. It only 87,000 miles, and like my Golf, I’m hoping to achieve at least 200,000 miles with this car. I’ll get a picture up soon. It’s beige, but not in a bad way. Manual transmission, heated seats (key in Minnesota).

It’s so silly to become attached to things, I have to remind myself of that. However, cars become such a part of our lives, (what car did I drive wife and daughter home from the hospital in? The Golf) and you can’t help but weave their stories into yours. I’m hoping this new (old) Jetta weaves a few new stories into our lives.

Sidenote: If you know me at all, you know the nerd inside of me. I just signed up for a new site called Fuelly, that helps track your fuel usage. They have a simple mobile site accessible from your iPhones, Blackberries, Nokias, etc. Enter the odometer and fuel amount when you fill up. Easy as pie. See neato badge to the right. Join and we can be fuelly friends. Seriously, it’s like the new twitter and facebook rolled into one.

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  1. Congratulations on your new (slightly used) arrival! Do you have a new name picked out? Our friends named their rescue dog, “Mulligan.” That actually seems pretty appropriate for your new ride, too!

    Fuelly sounds great – I just haven’t needed to fuel up in quite a while. My 5 mile commute to work lends itself to terrible mpgs, but long periods of time between fill ups!

    Jean2/14/2010 @ 11:23 am
  2. Congrats on the new Jetta! Sorry to hear about the Golf – glad you’re OK. Enjoy learning all the new idiosyncrasies of the PD engine. You’ll love having the extra space in the wagon.

  3. I totalled my car last March in a snowstorm. I got a 2009 Jetta (sedan). I didnt get the diesel though they did try to sell me up. (fleeced?).

    I only work about a mile away from work so I put very little mileage on my car. In fact I would walk if it werent for the fact that my walk would take me into zones that are an exit for 3 highways. And trying to climb the Pfizer fence would probably get me in trouble.

    I get AWFUL mileage because I hardly ever hit a highway unless its a weekend. But then again, I have only filled it 10 times and its just under a year. 250 miles per tank.

    I am going to get an awesome deal really, because I dont really expect to get up to 10k miles before the 3 years are up and my buyout price is going to be WAY below bluebook.

    But alas, I do have a car payment. And the heated seats rock! I love the handling on the VW. And as I am told, as little as I need to fill up, diesel would actually do damage because it doesnt keep that long and sludges. (I have silver)

    Melissa2/19/2010 @ 8:10 pm
  4. PS, I slid into a UPS truck. Not my fault either except for being brave in a blizzard thinking since I live so close.

    Melissa2/19/2010 @ 8:11 pm
  5. PPS, why did I come up as John? Is that supposed to be my car’s name? Weird.

    Melissa2/19/2010 @ 8:17 pm
  6. My condolences, A.J.
    It was a lovely car!!!

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