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climate change

Another reason for the lack of recent blogging is my mild depression regarding all things government. Health care: underwhelmed. Financial regulations: meh. More tea party crazies in government: Positively scary.

And then this…

We’re Gonna Be Sorry

I could blame Republicans for the fact that not one G.O.P. senator indicated a willingness to vote for a bill that would put the slightest price on carbon. I could blame the Democratic senators who were also waffling. I could blame President Obama for his disappearing act on energy and spending more time reading the polls than changing the polls. I could blame the Chamber of Commerce and the fossil-fuel lobby for spending bags of money to subvert this bill. But the truth is, the public, confused and stressed by the last two years, never got mobilized to press for this legislation. We will regret it.


Friedman’s op-ed actually opened up a new line of reasoning I hadn’t considered before. What exactly would the motivation be for climatologists to fake global-warming? If someone could answer that for me, I’d love to know.

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