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nearly 10 years old?

I’m not sure what prompted looking through my archives this evening, but I realized… this blog is nearly 10 years old!

Hard to believe that I’ve kept this thing going for that long. It started out as a place to post pictures of our puppy, Yeti, and quickly turned in to my little soapbox on the war in Iraq.

Since I don’t have quite as much time alone with my thoughts these days, I haven’t been able to put the same effort in to writing as I would like. Not that there aren’t issues to discuss…

A couple little notes from the archives: I recently objected to some friends saying some harsh things online about President Obama. I had (in my mind) thought that there was no way I had resorted to any sort of childish name calling of President Bush in my online postings. It didn’t take me long to find an example… sorry about that.

I called an Obama presidency on July 27, 2004. I thought I was on record earlier, but that must have been a face to face conversation with someone following a trip to Chicago in 2003…

Well, if you all keep reading, I’ll keep writing, and even if you stop, I’ll still be here.

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