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keeping the house cold

one of the consequences of getting a nest thermostat is that we keep our house a good deal colder than previously. we have it set at 62 currently, cold enough that holiday visitors have commented on whether our heat was working.


apparently, there may be some science to it. I’ve long been known for eating a ton of food and having the metabolism to match. as a teenager this was somewhat normal, but now as a mid-30 year old dude, it is slightly less endearing and more concerning for those around me. And yet, my weight has long hovered at a pretty normal place.


after reading this article, The Benefit of Being Cold, I’m wondering if there is some correlation to the many hours I spent freezing on the “mountains” of Minnesota training for ski racing and my metabolism.


so, maybe instead of layering up with the house at 62, I’ll take this sweatshirt off.

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