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Cargobikes are the future

Hat tip to my uncle for this great article about cargo bikes for urban transport of goods. We’ve had our cargo bike for a number of years now, and as our kids have grown older, the cargo is less kid and more groceries and other household items. I can get to our local grocery or Target and back again far faster on my bike than in our car.

There are a number of interesting tidbits in the article like this:

cities are being strangled by trucks and vans: a great deal of freight traffic in urban areas is now comprised of delivery vans (in the UK, van traffic has grown by 71% over the last 20 years, compared to growth of 13% for cars.)

71% ! Can you believe it? I guess when you think of all those Prime Now vans running around…

Source: Cargobikes Not Drones Are The Future For Urban Deliveries

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