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Democratic Party PAC Email List Insanity


Specifically, the ActionNetwork and NGP VAN people.

Do better.

Look, on one hand, I totally get it. You’ve built out advanced CRM systems for political campaigns in order to help democrats up and down the ballot target people more effectively, raise money, and hopefully win campaigns. Data and contact information help the campaigns spend their time and volunteer power to receive the greatest possible impact.

But there is **no way** that I signed for all of these emails.

I care, on one level, that a city council person in Dubuque, Iowa is running. Good for you. I didn’t sign up for your email list though. I’m not giving you money.

Slow clap for the person who’s running against the other person with a chance to flip the seat blue in November. I also didn’t sign up for your list either.

Congratulations person who has been endorsed by all the groups that I nominally support who is running against the other person whose views I disagree with. I didn’t sign up for that email list either. I’m not planning to give any money.

When I click unsubscribe. Yes, I do want to unsubscribe. Yes, from *all future mailings*.

In other words, when the next campaign creates a new mailing list (like, later that day), I do not want to be on that mailing list.

And in fact I do not want to be on that or any future mailing lists from any campaign using either of these companies software.

One reason this is problematic is that there is apparently no way to get off all of these lists. They claim there is no “master list” that I can be removed from.

So literally every day I’m unsubscribing from this junk so that it doesn’t clog my inbox.

I suppose I should create a filter and just be done with it…

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