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File this under positive uses of Youtube

I’m back coaching skiing again after several years off. I love being out there on the hill and teaching this sport. There aren’t many sports out there that are as dynamic, fast and fun as ski racing. It’s a place where we see real progression with the kids through the year.

I last coached in 2009, and the thing that is blowing me away this time around is the quality and quantity of videos on YouTube about the subject. Here’s a small sampling of what I’ve found so far…

Mikaela Shiffrin breaking down her keys to a good training session:


I’ve watched Dahron Ralves lay out his warm up sequence.


Deb Armstrong just being an awesome and enthusiastic teacher:


And I’ve just recently watched “Ski Dad” (love that) break down carving in his family room with some chairs and kitchen stools.


One of the ideas that Mikaela Shiffrin spoke about above in her video was being a student of the sport.

This such an important concept for anyone who is training for a sport. Being in the mindset of a student speaks allows one to be coachable. Beyond all of the physical qualities that contribute to success, I’ve come to believe that being coachable is one of the best qualities to have – it constantly puts you in the mind of continual experimentation and improvement.

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