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Twenty…. one? years of this blog…

I saw a post recently on another long time blog celebrating their twentieth, or possibly twenty-fifth year of writing continuously on their blog.

That struck me and I checked on my blog, twenty-one years ago I started this thing. (It was a post about our then puppy, Yeti)

I can’t even come close to saying that I’ve written here “continuously” but I am marveling at the thought that this blog is basically still working.

With all of the obsolescence (planned, or not) out there in technology, to keep something running for twenty plus years does deserve to be celebrated, I think.

A fair bit of nostalgia for that simpler past on the web has been creeping in for me, once again. I miss a lot of the old sites I used to frequent, and the conversations that were happening. Perhaps a sign of getting older, perhaps it was actually better in some way back then. I know that feeling I felt back in the early aughts is still out there, but at least for me, my day-to-day revolves around all of the people right in front of me, physically, and it feels like there is far less time to connect online…

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