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skiing at Afton Alps today

I just took quick notice of the fact that my climate change-related posts increase dramatically each winter as the warming of the planet is felt here in Minneapolis more than other places in the country.

They tell us that it is a “brown” Christmas about 30% of the time for as long as records were kept, however, I think that conflates the lack of precipitation with the warm temperatures. My phone tells me it rained about .4″ today – that should’ve been good enough for 4-6 inches of snow, but instead, we got mud and big ruts on the hill where the kids were practicing.

The impact on my kids’s (and my) psyche is pretty strong. The sound of rain all last night on the roof did not make for an easy wake up to go skiing this morning.

Four Takeaways From the COP28 Climate Summit

It took 28 years of climate negotiations for world leaders to agree to wean the global economy from the principal source of climate change: the burning of fossil fuels.

Great. They’ve been working on this almost as long as I’ve been blogging.

In the meantime – as I told the kids this morning, we need to keep on loving the things we love to do outdoors so we don’t lose the reason to keep up the fight for the climate.

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