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Digital Hub

iPhoto, iMovie, iTunes, iDVD

Apple created the digital hub space…

What have they learned? We want to use our music from iTunes, our Photos in iMovie, etc.

(multiple lines connecting the icons)

All new versions that are totally integrated…

“Apple’s Digital hub to be what MS Office is for Productivity” (close to a direct quote)

Today, iPhoto 2
1. Integrated with iTunes
2. One-click Enhance (“works amazingly well”)
3. Retouch brush
4. Archive to CD and DVD (thank you steve!)

Demoing it now (admittedly hard to see on the stream, maybe I’ll try upping my connection speed in Quicktime)

How do you make a slideshow on iDVD now? Click the iDVD button in iPhoto 2!

Going over 1-click enhance, looks pretty good.

Now going over retouch brush. Looks even cooler than 1-click enhance.

Removing various scrapes from children’s faces, and hairs in front of faces.

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