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Call Forwarding = Racket

Okay, remember how I was all excited to find that call forwarding feature on my phone? Eric N. said “Make sure they aren’t charging you.”

I called them up to make sure that, yes, it would not cost additional money, just minutes on my plan.

Got my bill for the last month today. Nice $43.15 additional charge applied for call forwarding usage.

*blink, blink*

So I called them up and they credited me, no argument or anything, but seriously.

I figured out what the trick was… “minutes on my plan” is the same thing as “minutes billed as if you went over your available minutes for the month” back when I had the 350 minute plan with Qwest , and I would talk for 500 minutes, those extra 150 minutes were like $50? Yeah… same deal.

So we’re back to the old arrangement.. no call forwarding…

Does anyone use call forwading on their cell phones?

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