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Apparently our President has said that “both sides ought to be properly taught” in the “debate” about evolution. I put debate in quotes, because as far as scientists are concerned, there isn’t a debate. The debate has already happened.

More importantly, two really interesting, and hypocritical things are wrapped up in that statement.

  • This is the President who would like us all to believe that there is no grey area, and that you are either “with us or against us”, black and white, good and evil. But in this case, he is simply looking to create grey area, create confusion and doubt.
  • Secondly, (as was recently just said to me), isn’t this like saying we should teach kids racial profiling, so they can understand both sides of the debate? Or we should teach kids to hit each other when they are trying to solve differences (so they can see how that works compared to talking it out). It’s a pretty slippery slope… and it’s the polar opposite position that Bush has taken on every other debate, that it’s his way or the highway. (as they say)

Read the whole article here at the NYTimes: Bush Remarks Roil Debate on Teaching of Evolution

Also, don’t forget about Karl Rove (oh, wait, I guess he never existed (thanks eric)), and his lovely dealings with Robert Novak, and the fact that Bush sidestepped the Senate in appointed John Bolton as our UN Ambassador. Or the new energy bill handout to big Gas and Oil companies. Wouldn’t want to divert your attention. (Ah, dang it! I fell in to their trap! I diverted your attention from real issues!)

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