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I’m a Photojournalist

Did you know I had a nascent career in photography? Neither did I! I give thanks to Flickr, and the creative commons license, because I am enjoying 2 seconds of internet fame.

American Public Media’s Marketplace show did a story about green energy, and they used a picture of mine on the web page about the story!

A couple months ago, I took a picture of the BioDiesel tank at the Apple Valley Marathon, posted it to flickr, and tagged it with ‘biodiesel’.

Fast forward to this afternoon, and I received an email from the New Media Director at APR. It said: Thanks for using creative commons, we used a picture of yours, here’s the link back to the story we used it in– which is exactly what is supposed to happen.

One other funny thing about this photo. I took it with my cameraphone! Yep, all 352×288 pixels are living it up! (My digital camera on the other hand, takes something on the order of 2500×1800 pixels, quite a difference in quality)

Anyways, I think it’s pretty cool, check it out, and listen to the story!

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