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5 Albums from 2005

Hey Everyone! Happy 2006!

I haven’t posted any sort of retrospective about music for the past year. Since I’ve lost my thunder on any sort of Top 10 best albums, before having read all the other critics’ lists, I’d like to post “5 Albums from 2005”.

These are in no particular order, but these are the 5 that I listened to and enjoyed the most in the past year (thanks to iTunes for keeping all my stats).

  • Come On Feel the IllinoiseMuch to Matt‘s chagrin, I loved Sufjan Stevens’ album “Come On Feel the Illinoise”, it’s been a soundtrack to many of the events of the past year: Road trips to (ironically enough) Chicago, lazy saturday mornings, working in my office at my new job.
  • clap-your-hands-say-yeah.gif Next up is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. Much to Sonja’s chagrin this has been one of my top played albums from the past year. Yes, the lead singer sounds something like a bleeting goat (sonja says “cat in labor”), but he’s a vocal stylist, you gotta love it!
  • arular.jpg Hello! My name is M.I.A.! It makes me want to go to India or Sri Lanka and boogey down.
  • dangerdoom.jpgDangerdoom – The Mouse and the Mask. This is a collaboration between Dangermouse and MF Doom. Dangermouse was behind last year’s “Grey Album”, and the beats on this new album are awesome. There is also some weird cartoon network thing going on in the background, you’ll have to google for the full story…
  • spoon_gimme_fiction.jpgLastly, but not leastly, is Spoon’s “Gimmie Fiction”. They’ve made some of my favorite songs in the past 5 years, and their newest album is excellent.

Well, there you have it! These albums have my highest recommendation!

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