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An Inconvenient Truth

We saw An Inconvenient Truth on Monday night. It was pretty startling. Lots of good info.

There were three things that really stuck out. The first was the CO2 levels for the past 600,000 years. Shown is a graph, with the rising and falling levels. They dramatically hide the last 50 years, and as it is revealed, I felt myself gasping as the graph spiked far above what the previous peaks were.

Second was the statistic about global warming in the popular press and in scientific journals. Basically, out of 1000 journal articles about global warming, not one of them questioned the human source of global warming. In the popular press though, something like 53% of the articles question whether we are causing global warming.

Finally, the hope. After a couple hours of depression, there is some hope. With current technologies, we can get our CO2 production down below 1970 levels  (Think CFDs and whatnot) I think that is fairly encouraging, if we had some political will on the subject. Also, during the end credits, lots of practical things that you can do to help.

So, it’s not really a “fun” movie to go see, but I think it is a must see for everyone. Have you seen it yet?

(oh, and I ditched the gas powered mower before seeing the movie 😉 )

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