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iTunes Smart Playlist of the Day

I’ve been really getting into my smart playlists lately, and I figured I’d share some of the joy.

Today’s smart playlist is: Morning of Quality

  • Rating is between 3 and 5 stars
  • Update!! Last Played is not in the last 1 Day (Gives you a new list all the time)
  • Limted to 4 hours
  • Selected at Random

This gives me a mix of good stuff to listen to all morning long.

Yesterday’s smart playlist: Four Hours of Stuff You’ve Never Heard Afternoon Discovery

  • Play Count is 0
  • Limted to 4 hours
  • Selected at Random

Eventually Afternoon Discovery will be redefined as a “Least Recently Played” list, but for now, I have so much stuff to listen to!

I’m also going to bring these two playlists down to two hours each, and then add two more playlists to my daily listening.

This dude has some thoughts on smart playlists, as does this guy and here’s a whole site dedicated to Smart Playlists.

Needless to say, Smart Playlists are an incredibly powerful feature.

After I have my entire library rated, I’m going to move onto entering BPM info for at least all the dance/techno and hip/hop songs. There are some tools available to help you out. I’ll post about those when I get around to that project.

Happy Listening!

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  1. no1son | 11/5/2003 at 10:44 am | Permalink

    what, he’s a dude and i’m just some guy? gimme a white russian over here. : P

    also, i just thought of something recently. i started rating with stars and now have a 1 star playlist for Chill and slow songs. i have another star list for Favorite songs, all my faves from every genre go in there. and then i can ALSO make a playlist that contains Genre: HipHop AND has 5 stars (my Favorites). So i get my Mood playlists, and then i can have Genre+Favorites playlists.

  2. A.J. | 11/5/2003 at 11:07 am | Permalink

    Well, I didn’t think it would sound right to use ‘dude’ twice in a row. 😉 And nice Big Lebowski reference…

    You mention chill, and that brings up something I was going to talk about soon on the site… I’ve started to use the comments field for ‘keywords’, one of them being chill. So then I’ve got smartplaylists where comments contains ‘chill’ or ‘rockin’ or whatever.

    I’ve also been doing some Best Hip Hop, Best of Radiohead, Best etc. type stuff as well…

    iTunes Rocks!

  3. Meban | 2/20/2004 at 7:37 am | Permalink

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